Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Susuki and Rogito rescued by Okki the super frog - but are they safe?

By Carole Goldsmith © All Rights Reserved 2017

Rogito and Susuki were soaring high in the sky and saw Thunder indicate to Lightning and Rod escaped autorobots, that they should capture the two escapees. 

The helicopters from Time Square were also chasing them upwards so Rogito and Susuki needed a new escape plan. 

A giant green frog appeared above them and beckoned for them to head towards him. 
It was like a green tree frog from Queensland in Australia only about 180 cm high (the height of an average man) and around 140 cm wide. 

Susuki didn't know whether to trust the big green frog but Rogito barked," We have no choice besides frogs are very lucky, so we should be OK."

They steamed upwards and Okki the frog caught them on his back safely. 

Okki croaked, " I am here to save you from being captured by the auto robots and the helicoptors soaring towards us."

Little did Susuki and Rogito know that they were being watched by video from afar, so would they really be safe with Okki?

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Thunder reunites with Lightning and Rod in space

By Carole Goldsmith © All Rights Reserved 2017

Thunder, the green super robot was free from the auto factory and on an adventure with his new aerospace friends Susuki and Rogito the dog. 

Rogito was enjoying the meaty stew with noodles and Susuki was munching on a vegie burger with salad which they bought at the space energy station.  

Thunder had a plan for nanobot powered Susuki and Rogito after they had all been powered up with food and for him oil sky power. 

Two of the other auto robots Lightning and Rod, who escaped the auto factory with Thunder sped past heading upwards. 

"Heh, Lightning and Rod, where are you headed," Thunder roared. 

"We are heading to Xenon planet where retired auto robots can have fun. There are also plenty of female robots there who have escaped from Planet Weson. We might all speak the same language, but if not, there is always oompha language. " 

Susuki and Rogito saw this distraction as a time to escape from Thunder's tight control. Rogito still wanted to go to the moon with Susuki but all Susuki wanted to return to Japan to see his family. 

Spreading his golden wings, Susuki tried to fly downwards. Rogito's power was too strong and he had attached his lead to one of Susuki's wings and was pulling him upwards.

Thunder tried to scoop them up again, but they escaped like speeding rockets upwards.......

To be continued

Friday, February 28, 2014

Helicopters on search for gold winged Suzuki and Rogito the super terrier

By Carole Goldsmith Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved 

Eugene had floated down to her husband who was waiting for her at Times Square. 
She was feeling a mixture of excitement and fear from having flown about 30 meters into the air on a flying robot. 

Her husband embraced her as he had been starting to think that he had lost her forever. 

Eugene said excitedly, "Well the robot worked. Now all we have to do is get Suzuki back to develop the robot further". 

"We want to get a contract signed with him as soon as possible as we have multiple customers waiting to purchase the robots", she added. 

The Times Square security guards had already alerted the owners of the building above which Suzuki was flying. 

They had ordered a helicopter to search for Suzuki and the dog and bring them down alive and well. 

The New York shoot on sight order had been downgraded to capture and question. 

As the yellow and red helicopter soared the sky, its pilot Mac Harris was searching through his telescopic lens for a flying man and his dog. 

Little did he know that Suzuki had golden wings which allowed him to fly much higher than the helicopter. He also did not know that a huge robot had rescued Suzuki and Rogito the super dog and they were on their way to the moon. 

to be continued.................

Monday, January 13, 2014

Suzuki and Rogito fly aboard the green super robot Thunder

By Carole Goldsmith Copyright © 2013 - All Rights reserved

The green super robot Thunder was flying through the aerospace above Times Square 
New York, with Suzuki under one giant steel arm and Rogito terrier under the other arm. 

"Help, let me down", barked Rogito.  

Suzuki was feeling exhausted, all he wanted to do was to sell a robot bike to his New York clients and now he was flying through the air with a dog and a huge green auto robot. How did he get into this situation, he thought to himself. 

Thunder traveled at around 150 Kilometers per hour and Rogito kept trying to bite the giant steel structure he was trapped with. 

The green super robot had broken free from a Japanese auto plant where he was forced to make cars 24 hours a day and seven days a week, never having a rest from the drudgery, the humans had forced him to do. He had powered and led the escape of auto robots from the large Japanese auto plant. They were now all traveling and conquering humans in their path. 

But Suzuki was a different human, Thunder could sense the differences as most humans could not fly with golden wings like Suzuki. 

They came to a energy station in the aerospace that was selling oil energy for Thunder and hot food for Suzuki and Rogito who by now were exhausted and very hungry. 

As Rogito looked at Suzuki nestled under Thunder's arm, he decided the he would no longer fight and just enjoy the ride. After all, it looked like he was going to be served a meaty stew in his bowl in the sky. 

continued .........................

Friday, December 27, 2013

Suzan feels the super powers - gold nanobots in action

By Carole Goldsmith Copyright © 2013 - All Rights reserved

Krgyzstan: Dragen and Vera were watching Suzan being attacked by the robo-bats and virtually saw the successful implanting of the gold nanobots, when the vampire bat bit her on the neck. 

Dragen said excitedly, "Look Vera, we have succeeded in implanting nano bots in another useful person. Suzan is a journalist for several USA magazines so we can influence her writing and the power of here brain."

"The nano bots also will not be detected when she goes through immigration into USA and when she leaves Central America. Suzan can be a great mule for our gold nanobots".

"Vera, you are looking very beautiful today. Now that we have succeeded today, we can relax. 
Would you like a glass of organic red wine and we have some cheese to go with it", Dragen said as he turned to Vera and passionately kissed her ruby lips. 

Vera responded with that look he loved and they walked together to the bedroom. .....


Suzan's driver was quite shocked when she saw Suzan rushing towards her with blood gushing down her next.  As she approached the car, he withdrew his clean hankerchief and held it tight to the bite mark on her next  to stop the bleeding. 

Suzan held the handkerchief in place as she opened the car door and laid on the back seat. 

She felt dizzy from the bat attack and from the blood loss. "Please take me to the hospital", she told her driver. I will need  an anti Rabies injections and to have a doctor instect the wounds. 

As they drove to the hospital, her strength started to return and her brain was very clear. 
She felt a sudden power that she had never felt before .....little did she know that the gold nanobots in her body were multiplying giving her super powers she had never possessed before. 



Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vampire robo-bats target their next victim

By Carole Goldsmith Copyright © 2013 - All Rights reserved 

Journalist Suzan Gerome was travelling in Central America for two weeks researching an article  about vampire bats and other mammals that live in caves. It was for the National unique wild life magazine  She was in El Jakinaro for the night as vampire bats had been found by farmers  feeding on their sleeping goats and cows.  The vampire bats live entirely on the blood of their host but the animal they feed on are not affected as the amount of blood the bats drink is only around 100 ml at a time. 

George, her local driver and guide arrived in a small black sedan as planned. He told her that the bats came out in the dark of the night when other animals are sleeping. 

They drove slowly for around 30 minutes until they came to the mystical bat caves. Suzan said to George "You wait here, I don''t need your help in the caves but if something scary happens to me, I will scream and please come and save me George".

With her arms covered with long gloves and her head covered with a helmet holding a head torch, she walked towards the caves. The stars were shining overhead giving Suzan some light. The sky was beautiful, amass with stars.

As Suzan entered the cave she could see thousands of bats hanging upside down sleeping. As she photographed them with a high level flash the bats stirred but soon fell back to sleep. 

Two bats with a golden gleam in their eyes flew towards Suzan, flapping their wings excitedly. 
She was terrified and rushed out of the cave. The bats followered her in hot pursuit. 

One of the bats landed on her head and the other on her neck. Suzan then felt a sting like a bite on her neck. She screamed and tried to push them away but they were hanging on. She grabbed her stainless steel water bottle full of ice water and aimed first at the bat on her neck and then the one on her head. As she hit the bats with bottle, she could hear their blood curdling scream as they released their hold and flew back to the cave. 

Suzan ran back to George with blood dripping from her neck. "Help George, I have been bitten by one of the vampire bats. Do you have a handkerchief, I need to stop this bleeding from my neck". 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Fire breathing red rocket heading straight for Suzuki and Rogito

By Carole Goldsmith Copyright © 2013 - All Rights reserved 

"Help" yelped Rogito, "I am too young to die". The tiny brown and white terrier was now holding on to Suzuki's golden wings, with his paws, as tight as he could hold on. 

The red fire breathing rocket was getting closer to  them and it seemed like it was only 100 meters away. 

Suzuki screamed - I am moving westwards away from the rocket's path. 

Hanging on for grim death, Rogito whirled behind Suzuki who was now traveling at over 200 km per hour. 

The rocket was getting even closer and they could both feel its heat. 

Eugene was no longer in their sights, so Suzuki could only assume that she was safe.  His main aim now was to get them out of roaring rocket's path and back to the safety of earth. . 

As he flew westward, he could see out the corner of his eye, another large moving object in the sky ahead. 

What looked like a two meter dark green auto robot, like he had seen at car plants in Japan, was now  speeding towards them. 

As he looked to the side, the green robot scooped him and Rogito up cradling them both in its giant metallic arms. 

Rogito now was really mad and tried to bite the robot's arm, but 10 cm steel thickness was hard to penetrate using his sharp but short canine teeth. 

Continued .................................